1. The preferred form for articles is as a word-processed Word or RTF document.


2. If submitting material by email, please provide it as an attachment and not in the body of the email.


3. Please do not include any formatting in your articles. The Style box should show Normal. The editor will decide on style of headings, fonts, etc, although authors may make suggestions.


4. Please use a standard font. Times New Roman, Arial, or Verdana for instance.


5. Text should be text-wrapped. Only use the return key between paragraphs.


6. No charts, diagrams, tables or graphics should be incorporated into the file. They may be provided separately in a suitable form, such as GIF or JPG. Please show where in the document such material is to appear.


7. The word-processed document to have no embellishments other than italics or bold.


8. The maximum preferred length of articles is 2000 words. Articles that have been published elsewhere will be considered = subject to copyright.


9. We like to include a short piece of biographical data about our contributors around 300 words maximum and also like to place a photograph of the author at the head of the article, for which we will require a JPG or GIF.


10. We welcome illustrations or other material appropriate for submitted articles.