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Volume 3 - No. 5 -  2004



'Formerly, when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine.  Now, when science is strong and religion weak, they mistake medicine for magic" 

- Thomas Szasz


Empathic: An Unappreciated Way of Being - by Carl R. Rogers 

As on several previous occasions, we have turned to the excellent free resource website of Elements UK to find an appropriate article to fill one of the sections of an online issue.

Amongst several offerings by Carl Rogers, derived from private papers presented to the Centre for Studies of the Person at La Jolla, California, was this one which fits in neatly with our theme of relationships in a therapy context.

If, like several of our editorial board members, Carl Rogers was admired by you, and if you have not read this article before, we hope you will enjoy it.