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Volume 3 - No. 5 -  2004

The Last Word




We've been somewhat disappointed by the scarcity of submitted material for this issue of Nurturing Potential.


Whether this is the fault of the subject matter for our main theme, or simply the incidence of a major holiday time, is not clear.   But we shall continue the theme for our next issue as we have by no means covered all aspects of this vast subject.


We hope you will find what does appear in that section of interest and we are pleased that the remainder of this issue has articles covering the full range of our usual subjects. 



Although we did not receive all the book reviews we had anticipated, we nevertheless have - once again - a very wide selection of reviews.  Particularly pleasing is that we have two reviews of Mark Haddon's The Curious incident of the Dog in the Night Time - a book that won the Whitbread Prize last year - whose central character is a boy with Asperger's Syndrome.  Our pleasure comes from the fact that one review is by Tom Maguire, a teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Spain; the other is by Kevin Phillips, himself a subject of Asperger's Syndrome and one of our regular contributors.  It is fascinating to note that both these reviewers were equally impressed with the book from their different vantage points.


If any of our readers would like to be considered as a prospective reviewer, we shall be pleased to hear from them.  There is - perhaps I didn't have to say this! - no question of payment, but you do get to keep some very fine books!!  If you are interested please let me (Joe Sinclair) know the subjects wherein your interest lies.


We hope this issue has pleased you.