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Volume 4 - No. 1 -  2005



" Literature is a state of culture, poetry a state of grace, before and after culture" 

- Juan Ramon Jimenez


The Child Within - by Nadine Garrod

Nadine Garrod set up a new independent school near Bishop's Stortford in 1987 with a commitment to emotional development above all else. She retired in 2003 and set up parenting classes - "one of the most rewarding  things that I did in my career".   Her fascination with this led her to  work on other ideas for materials used in the Primary School

"As for my poetry, I am just someone who jots down thoughts and expresses them in the way of poetry. I do not claim to be a poet of any merit, just happy to be me!" 

Nadine has since taken up drawing and painting, and attends weekly classes at the Morley College in London for clay sculpture.



The editors wish to make it clear that they are not literary critics and do not presume to judge the literary merit of any of the contributions received for this section.  They simply publish verse that they like and that they consider to have merit within the context of Nurturing Potential.

Martial said: "He does not write at all whose poems no man reads."  And to Wilson Mizner is attributed "Poets are born, not paid".

Our contributors would be delighted to receive feedback on their verse, whether praising or damning, because all feedback is positive and the evidence that the work has been read will be payment enough.  Comments by e-mail please to  Better yet, send us some poetry of your own.