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Volume 4 - No. 1 - 2005


The medium is the message - Marshall McLuhan



Chase the Ace -  by Joe Sinclair

A tribute to a writer, lecturer and populist whose life and work won him international acclaim.   Stuart Chase was a critic of unprincipled corporate practices, an innovator in consumer protection, a promoter of altruistic economic policies, an advocate for adult learning and mass public education, and an activist for responsible government and sound ecology. He advised presidents and interpreted contemporary issues for ordinary men and women in 35 books and hundreds of pamphlets and articles, seeking to help people improve their lives.

In the area of Language, Semantics and Communication, Stuart Chase was (and is) best known for his 1938 book The Tyranny of Words which, while not containing much in the way of original thought, was so stimulating and so clearly and concisely written that it was read by large numbers of people who would otherwise have remained in ignorance of those subjects.  It entered the best seller lists and has never been out of print.


Gobbledygook -  by Sep Meyer

A new contribution to Nurturing Potential's occasional (and occasionally irreverent) series on Language, suggested by the chapter on Gobbledygook in Stuart Chase's Power of Words.