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Volume 4 - No. 1 -  2005


"Man's capacity for self-delusion is infinite" - Dr. Elie A. Shneour


Pseudoscience - Part II


1.  Pseudoscience and Psychotherapy 

How scientific is psychotherapy?

Is all psychotherapy pseudoscientific?

Pseudoscience and protoscience 

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2.  Pseudoscientific Theories 

A lengthy, not quite exhaustive, list of theories under several disciplines such as Biology, Physics, Medicine, Psychology, Sociology, etc. variously regarded as pseudoscientific.  They are linked to three main encyclopaedic sources: The Skeptic's Dictionary. Wikipedia and Brainy Encyclopedia for detailed descriptions.

There is also a link to a similar - possibly more exhaustive - list of protoscientific theories.

Once again we are looking for comments and feedback on the material provided.


3.  Other Material

Other articles on this theme will be found in the Therapy section (Think Yourself Unhealthy - by Sep Meyer) and the Beliefs section (The Most Annoyingly Obtuse Argument by Aaron Davidson).  They may be accessed directly from the following links.