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Letter from Penelope Waite dated January 14, 2005

The Editor, Nurturing Potential.

Sir, I read Mark Edwards letter in Issue No. 16 with some amusement.

He is quite correct in stating that I retired from teaching some years ago, but totally incorrect in any of the assumptions that follow that conclusion.

This was a matter of surprise only.  The amusement derived from the fact that he proceeds to describe precisely the same situation that I described in my article, and draws precisely the same conclusions but, presumably because he did not bother to read the article very thoroughly before "rushing to print" he has ascribed a meaning to one of my statements which is totally incorrect.

Dear Mr Edwards, you and I both agree that the real problem derives from the difficulties under which teachers have to work nowadays.  Please re-read my article.  And if you must shoot the messenger, please make sure first that you have the right message.

Yours etc.

Penelope Waite.


Mark Edwards' letter will be found at http://www.nurturingpotential.net/Issue16/Letters16.htm.