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Volume 2 - No. 2 -  2003

Belief Systems

"My aunt died of influenza, so they said.  But it's my belief

they done the old woman in." - George Bernard Shaw (Pygmalion)


Is you is, or is you ain't? - by Stephen Bray 

Stephen has taken up our challenge to write an article explaining why he was so sceptical of our conclusions in our exposition of  Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in the last issue.

We do not need to build our lives constantly from the bottom up as Maslows model would have us believe [writes Stephen]. Dilts is closer to the truth in suggesting that changing our perception at the level of Identity, or Belief must affect our Capabilities and Behaviours, and cause us to have an impact upon our Environment.


Faulty Assumptions - by Paul Schenk 

There will certainly be times when you are unable to find a flaw in your logic or assumptions.  In such cases, I invite you to experiment with pursuing a variation of the original goal.  

One of my long-standing dreams has been to travel to outer space.  There are a number of very good reasons why this dream would seem impossible to achieve.  Then, for my 41st birthday, my wife sent me to NASAs Adult Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama where I spent a long weekend sampling the daily routine of an astronaut. I havent made it all the way to outer space, yet, but I have some wonderful memories of getting part way there!