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Volume 2 - No. 3 - 2003


Education is a debt due from the present to future generations  George Peabody 

Brain Gym (Part I) - by Tom Maguire

Brain Gym is a series of exercises designed to help learners coordinate their brains and their bodies better. This holistic approach to learning also enables students to find an equilibrium between both sides of the brain and body. When well learned it is a tool for life-long learning.

(Originally published in New Learning, Spring 2001)


Brain Gym (Part lI) - by Tom Maguire

(Originally published in New Learning, Summer 2001)


Entertaining the Troops - by Mark Edwards

"It may be that we are over-stimulating our children," suggests Mark Edwards.  "Rather than competing with (and using) the new technology to entertain children, we should be offering an alternative approach that goes beyond an initial motivation which soon wears off."