Letters to the Editor


From Serena Smith, North-West London


Thank you for telling me about the article you propose including on flower therapy in the next issue of your magazine, and inviting me to comment.  I have been a flower essence practitioner for more than twelve years and originally studied at the Dr. Bach Centre in Oxfordshire.  I have since used many other systems of flower essence than those of Dr. Bach.  These have been developed from many parts of the world, including the Australian Bush, the Canadian Pacific region, the USA, some Himalayan and Indian essences, Amazonian and others.


    It needs to be understood that indigenous peoples have always used flowers for healing.  The Aborigines knew instinctively which flowers could heal certain conditions, as did the Mayans and the Egyptians.  In some parts of India, when a woman had given birth, a shallow grave was dug out and filled with flowers.  The woman lay in this "grave" for several hours while the flowers re-balanced her energy system.


    In my practice I have seen some remarkable transformations as a result of flower essences.  There are hundreds of different essences available for all sorts of issues and conditions.  I sincerely believe that whatever the emotional state, flower essences can be used to bring insight and clarity.  The one proviso I would make is that they should not be taken while a person is under heavy medication or using cannabis, which will block the energy system and diminish the effectiveness of the essence.


More may be learned about flower essences from my Little Miracles website - although this is devoted mainly to the treatment of children and pets.   Click on http://www.littlemiracles.co.uk/ where you may also find out how to contact me.



The remaining letters received for this issue, coincidentally, are all associated with the kefir described two issues ago.  I'm delighted that it is having such a beneficial effect. (Editor)


From Pat Newton, Northamptonshire


Thank you so much for the grains. They are busy, alive and very well.


From Thelma Keleher, Kent


Thank you for the kefir Joe.  I gave some to my mum, and she said she felt better immediately. [A bit tongue in cheek, that, I feel.  Editor] I also split it once and passed some on to my son. 


From Sylvia Farley, Isle of Wight


Dear Joe, I wanted to share a fortuitous discovery.  Some time ago I stopped eating dairy products and consigned your kefir organism to the freezer.


    After a bout of feeling worse than usual, with no energy for anything, I decided to try the kefir culture with soya milk.


    It worked.   After two days I had a thick, creamy "yoghurt", sweeter and more solid than a milk-based version.  Absolutely delicious, and I feel more alive already.


    It has been reinstated on my daily menu.