A Page of Verse 


Just a piece of paper- by Amelia May Kingston

Phew! - by Dannie Abse

At the end of the day - by Clive Williamson



Just a piece of paper

As I crossed the street

I saw a piece of paper

Lying in the gutter.


The wind caught it,

Teased it,

Fluttered it along.


End over end it danced.


And I laughed.


Then it soared away,

Higher and higher,

On the wind.


And I cried.


Just a piece of paper,

Fluttering down the street.


But I thought...


If the right wind came along...


I could do that...  


Amelia May Kingston.  



“Do you know that Sumerian proverb

 ‘A man’s wife is his destiny’?

But supposing you’d been here,

this most strange of meeting places,

5000 years too early? Or me,

a fraction of a century too late?

No angel with SF wings

would have beckoned,

‘This way, madam, this way, sir.’


Have you ever, at a beach,

aimed one small pebble

at another, thrown high, higher?


And though what ends


is never the end,

and though the secret is

there’s another secret always,


because this, because that,

because on high the Blessed

were playing ring-a-ring-o’-roses,

because millions of miles below,

during the Rasoumovsky,

the cellist, pizzicati,

played a comic, wrong note,

you looked to the right, luckily,

I looked to the left, luckily.”


Dannie Abse


[I am grateful to Dannie Abse for permission to reproduce this poem]



At the end of the day


The sea dances on the water;

A thousand shimmering stars

All longing to be free.

This heart crosses hill and mountain;

Lakes, rivers, seas;

But finds no peace at home.


This heart belongs in another place

Where earth and sky meet,

Rub shoulders and embrace.

They cleave together in

Unexpected union;

Two elements become but one symbol.


The horizon and my heart are one,

And as the sun sets

With a warmth that touches deep inside -

Orange rippling red -

This heart cries out

And flies to meet day's end - tomorrow's beginning


Clive Williamson