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Volume 2 - No. 5 - 2003

Health and Fitness

"Life is not to live, but to be well." - Martial

Ten Top Ways to Improve Your Mental Image - 

          by Bruce St. John

According to his website, Bruce St. John works with leaders in knowledge-based companies to

  • Start or expand their business,
  • Accelerate and capture new knowledge,
  • Start a major project, and complete it successfully,
  • and more...

"So what else is new?" you may be asking.  Well, we can suggest a couple of things.

1.  He permits full not-for-profit use of his website material simply by reference back to source (i.e. his website), and

2.  He issues (and repeats . . . and repeats) the disclaimers "I am not an accountant" and "I am not a psychologist".

So one is in absolutely no doubt about what he is not!  One is equally in no doubt that what he is is a fount of real commonsense messages.

Judge for yourself!