Irem Bray and her husband, Nurturing Potential Magazine's Consultant
Editor Stephen Bray have received a major award from the International
Association of Group Psychotherapy.

The Abdulkadir Ozbek Award was presented as First Prize for excellence of
scientific content and presentation by Dr. Isil Bulet to the Brays. It was
awarded for their qualitative study of the motivations of volunteers
working in the aftermath of the Turkish earthquake of August 17th 1999,
and the impact that working as a volunteer had upon their lives. The
Study, published jointly by the Turkish Psychological Association, and the
August 17th Earthquake Support Group has proved a popular read both with
professionals and the public.

The award was made at the 15th International Association of Group
Psychotherapy. The Association was celebrating 50 years of activity, since
being founded by Jacob Moreno who also created psychodrama. Istanbul was
chosen as the city to host the congress, since Moreno, an Italian by
nationality was born afloat as the ship sailed the Bosphorus between the
European and Asian banks, which separate the city of Istanbul.