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Volume 2 - No. 5 -  2003

The Last Word


Our fourth paper issue duly hit the newstands in its promised and expanded form.  An additional 12 pages and a very modest addition to the cover price.  Additionally we have been able to hold the subscription rate at 10.00 per annum by including free access to the online edition.

Those who previously subscribed to the online version will now enjoy an effective reduction in cost.  For others, an increase of a few pennies per issue brings a much larger magazine with a host of new features.

We hope you will be pleased with the result.



The main theme of Groups and Groupwork started in the previous issue of our online edition concludes in the current issue.


The Language theme continues and our plea for individual contributors for this series was answered by a challenging article from John Rowan.


We have rather cheekily introduced the next main theme: Nurturing Ecological Potential into the Groups and Groupwork Main Theme introduction in this issue by introducing the ideas of socio-biologist Edward O. Wilson.


Do we invent our moral absolutes in order to make society workable? Or are these enduring principles expressed to us by some transcendent or Godlike authority? Efforts to resolve this conundrum have perplexed, sometimes inflamed, our best minds for centuries, but the natural sciences are telling us more and more about the choices we make and our reasons for making them.

Edward O. Wilson


Future themes remain:

Bridging Cultural Differences - Class, Religion, Ethnicity, Education - the status quo versus innovation, as applied in our personal and professional aspirations.


Only Connect.  Networks and networking and their potential for self- and group-development.


And we are open to suggestions for additional themes, backed up, we hope, by articles.