Health Facts Can Be Fun


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites on the internet devoted to health matters.  Many of these contain interesting and useful tips and suggestions for improving and/or maintaining health.  It is likely that all readers of Nurturing Potential's online edition will have seen some of these; it is equally likely that readers will have some favourite sites.  If so, by all means use the correspondence pages of Nurturing Potential to bring them to the attention of fellow-readers.

Despite this, we were so taken with a website that we hit accidentally recently (and isn't that the way most websites are found?) that we simply had to share the discovery with you.  The site is WebMD Health.

The Home Page of the site will be found at

There is much to see and many links to pursue from that page, but we particularly want to draw your attention to and once there we recommend that you go to the foot of that page and click on Slideshows, Calculators and Quizzes.  On your way down the page, please spare some time looking at Healthy Refrigerator and Table of Condiments.  At the latter, you can be assured of a real fun time while learning quite a lot that you may not already know - although you may think you do.

This is how the bottom of that page will appear:


Healthy Refrigerator - Users click on various items in our fridge to get in-depth information about that particular food or food group. Also provides nutritional information, and food storage and preparation tips.

Table of Condiments - This tool provides important food safety information in a fun format. Click on a condiment to learn how long it will keep -- unopened on the shelf or opened in the fridge. It's not just mayo and mustard, either, there's also information on perishable staples such as baby food and pickles.

Your Skin, Region by Region - Users click on the part of the country where they live, or plan to be, and see what special precautions they should take to protect their skin.

Try our Slideshows, Calculators, and Quizzes.