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Volume 2 - No. 6 - 2003


An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest  
- Benjamin Franklin 

Choosing the Right Words and the Right Thoughts: The Presuppositions of NLP by Jamie Duncan and Laura Szmuch

How exactly can Neuro-Linguistic Programming help to bring flexibility to communication between teacher and student?

This article introduces the reader to three of the presuppositions of NLP (with a fourth one thrown in at the end as a bonus) that are the strands of philosophy forming the foundation of NLP.   These presuppositions are functional and suggest alternative ways of sending our messages in a way that will avoid misunderstandings between sender and receiver.

Four enjoyable task activities accompany the article.


The Depersonalisation of Education  by Mark Edwards

"The hard-nosed linear thinkers have taken charge and the softies are being pushed out, or are choosing to leave. There are, of course, still plenty of managers in post who put people first and policies second but my fear is that the trend is against them." 

Mark Edwards deplores the current obsession with job specification and essential/desirable traits in education. The job recruitment process, he considers, is now so regimented that little account seems to be taken of the person sitting in the interview chair.  Its as if he or she is a bundle of skills and competencies which are to be measured against the ones on the list and ticked off accordingly. Whoever gets the most ticks wins.