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Volume 2 - No. 6 -  2003

The Last Word


This issue marks the completion of online Volume 2.   We have produced six issues in 2003 and, following publication of our next paper edition - Volume 2, No. 3 in December 2003 - we will turn our attention to 2004 and Volume 3.

We believe - and we hope you will share that belief - that we have kept all promises and that the magazine in both its online and paper format has continued to improve in quality as well as quantity.

For us - at the sharp end - it has been an incredible exercise in collaboration and growth.  Nurturing Potential is a non-commercial operation and the contributions of time and material are provided freely by the editorial board and the writers, the latter being a growing number of highly literate and knowledgeable people with whom it is a pleasure and a privilege to work.

But, even though we are non-commercial, we have to fund production of the paper edition and we continue to look for new subscribers.  The annual subscription rate of 10.00 (including postage) does not cover all our costs, but it does enable us to continue to improve the quality and size of the magazine.

Please subscribe, or renew your subscription if you have not already done so.  You may do so via this link: SUBSCRIPTION



What are beliefs and what is a belief system?  The first article in what we anticipate will be a long-running series has been provided by Joe Sinclair.  Two of our editorial board members have already promised articles for future issues, and we welcome original contributions from all readers.


There are no specific conditions attached to form or content of these articles.  It is entirely up to the writer to decide what he or she would like to write and in how many words.  Articles simply need to be suitable to appear under the heading "I Believe".



The Language theme has attracted a great deal of interest and positive feedback and will continue.  We hope you have enjoyed the combination of the light-hearted and the more serious articles in the current issue.


Nurturing Ecological Potential was, as promised, made the main theme of this issue, with the main article Ecology and the Environment.


We will not be continuing this as a main theme in our next issue, but we have received material on ADD/ADHD and shall be featuring this instead.  Indeed, the subject has already been introduced with Paul Schenk's article in the present issue.  We would like to receive more material on this subject.


Future themes remain:

Bridging Cultural Differences - Class, Religion, Ethnicity, Education - the status quo versus innovation, as applied in our personal and professional aspirations.


Only Connect.  Networks and networking and their potential for self- and group-development.


And we are open to suggestions for additional themes, backed up, we hope, by articles.