The report of our death was clearly exaggerated.

This is not to say that there will be a sustained resurrection

These are simply some stories received after publcation of the "final" issue.

Information posted here is at the discretion of the editors.

What's New? 

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       Joe Sinclair's move to Cornwall.


       Update from Sandra


        News from an old NLP friend in the USA.


       News from Stephen Bray in Turkey


       News from Mark Edwards in Devon


       Two very pertinent conferences for your diary



I've set up a website describing my new home in Cornwall, says Joe Sinclair, and you can find it at well as giving lots of pictures of the house, it also describes the wealth of activities available in the area of which, conceivably, the best-known is the Eden Project, a mere 15 minute drive from his home.

Friends wanting to spend some "quality time" exploring the area, or simply enjoying a "break" will be more than welcome to stay.  Contact details will be found on the website.

Pool.JPG (40922 bytes)

Goldfish and koi-carp basking in the Cornish sunshine - left click to enlarge



[Sandra Braznell is an occasional contributor to the Nurturing Potential columns and provided the cover design for Issue No. 17.  She lives in the Scottish Highland region.  Her website is:

We had the Lochaber Art Club Exhibition last month and all went very well. I'm on the Committee now, and I setup a special display about the other things the club does, apart from the annual exhibition. It was well received. I personally did not sell very much, perhaps I am overpricing my work. I have some people from New York coming this month about a commission, and I sold an embroidery from the website, completely out of the blue! Which was nice. I have done a commission for a crofting neighbour; a portrait of his house, complete with his beloved sheep!



Nurturing Potential recently received a message from an old friend in America: 

Don Blackerby was closely associated with New Learning, the precursor magazine to Nurturing Potential, and provided an article on EFT for Nurturing Potential's Issue No. 1.  In 1996, he wrote Rediscover the Joy of Learning, a book  in which he describes his NLP based strategies and processes on how he helps struggling students including those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Don writes: "I hope you have heard that we have moved back to our home state of Oklahoma. .  New contact information is below.  I am wondering if you might know anybody who might be interested in our new Joy of Learning training program.  If you do, I would appreciate you passing on the information.  Hope everything is going well for you.  Stay in touch and let me know how everything is progressing.-  Don"

Contact information and website are as follows: Don A. Blackerby Ph.D., Email:  Website:



(A contribution from Stephen Bray *)

I guess most of us appreciate a friendly 'local', especially if it sells good food as well as beer?

My particular local is just 200 yards from our house, and for the past couple of days we've been working with the owner Mehmet on some publicity ideas.

Fortunately children are welcome, as Amazon, (aged  twenty months), is my constant companion and chief-personal-assistant.

Unfortunately, this has involved some early morning rising in order to take a few publicity stills.

Fortunately it has been worth it, as Mehmet has been very pleased with the results.

Here you can see the local from the ridge above our house, as well as close up.

Both pictures are so inspiring that I think I'll return to Mehmet's for a swim, or perhaps a beer?

Are you coming Amazon?

       * Check out Stephen's new website



(News from Mark Edwards who, as readers of Nurturing Potential will know, is our Education Editor)

I am currently working in Paignton as a counsellor for young people in danger of offending.  I have a view from my desk over Paignton harbour and beach, which makes concentrating on my work difficult at times!  I am shortly to complete training as an Integrative Counsellor and the plan is to move to Exeter and set up practice there, in addition to working with young people.



We have been advised by our friends Sage Publications of two forthcoming conferences that will be of interest to many of our readers.

One of them: The No-Blame Support Group Approach to Bullying is particularly relevant to our current issue's theme of Strategies for Survival, being a one-day conference on how to develop anti-bullying strategies.  It is being held at four different venues during the month of October 2005, Bristol, London, Birmingham and Edinburgh.  Full details in pdf format will be found at

The other conference, called Write Dance is described as a progressive music and movement programme for the development of pre-writing and writing skills.  This, of course, resonates nicely with the credo of Nurturing Potential.  Full details are again available at  This conference is also being held at three venues and three dates in October: London, Birmingham and Edinburgh.