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Volume 2 - No. 1 -  2003

The Last Word

So many innovations for this issue.  It's hard to know where to begin.  Let's take a leaf out of Dylan Thomas.


The beginning of the Home Page reveals that this is the first issue of the second volume.  This means that we have successfully negotiated the transition from 2002 - the year we began - to 2003 - the year we became a subscriber service.


We have already taken a gratifying (though by no means financially viable) number of subscriptions and wish to thank publicly the many friends and associates who have demonstrated their support.  The mention of financial viability only applies, of course, to the paper issue - this online version will continue to be provided regardless of the number of subscriptions.  The paper version will continue to be subsidised, if required, for at least the remainder of 2003.


We hope you believe that Nurturing Potential continues to improve, issue by issue, and we will be very happy to receive from readers any suggestions for further improvement.


Our presentation of main theme introductions to important models and theories that we started in the last issue, has been continued in this issue and has been welcomed by readers.  Indeed, those readers who took exception to some of the views propounded by some of the models, merely encouraged us to continue, since we are more likely to thrive on criticism (and the correspondence it may provoke) than on mute acceptance.  Our own editorial colleague, Stephen Bray, was one of the critical correspondents, and we have reproduced his email message on the Letters to the Editor page.


This has encouraged us also to introduce a section devoted to sceptical responses to the theories propounded and if readers know of any other sources of such critiques, we would like to learn of them.


We hope you enjoy the current issue.  The next paper issue is due to appear at the end of March 2003.




We have now run the main theme on personality assessment for two issues, and will probably return to it, with further models, in a future issue.  For the next issue, however, we will be presenting Potions, Notions and Ancient Remedies and their potential for health in the modern world.  We are looking for contributions from those of you who "swear by a particular remedy" - be it rubbing garlic on your chest at night (a known device for warding off vampires), or rubbing the base of your thumb to ease a spinal or urinary problem.  As a "trailer", the Editor has himself contributed an article to the current issue on Kefir and will offer one on Colloidal Silver in the next issue.    


For future issues we are still considering:

Nurturing Ecological Potential - how the environment - general, personal, and domestic - may be preserved and enhanced. 

Bridging Cultural Differences - Class, Religion, Ethnicity, Education - the status quo versus innovation, as applied in our personal and professional aspirations.

Only Connect.  Networks and networking and their potential for self- and group-development.

Groups and Groupwork.  Encounter groups, Gestalt group process, the large group experience, establishing boundaries, working with organisations and teams.