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Volume 1 - No. 3 -  2013



"Nothing is so easy as to deceive one's self; for what we wish, that we readily believe." - Demosthenes



Sloppy Spirituality - by John Rowan

The difficulties and dangers; the perils and pitfalls of Sloppy Spirituality are here pointed out by John Rowan.

"What is sloppy spirituality?" he asks. In his response to this question he reveals how his current interest is in an approach to spirituality which is completely unstructured.  He believes that it is quite important to ask questions about the structure of spirituality, suggesting tthat the briefest account of spirituality comes from Angelus Silesius, who said: First find thyself; thourt half the way to God: Now lose thyself; then all the way is trod.  (Silesius 1650) 


On Membership - by Anon

Being a non-Socratic dialogue on the responsibilities inherent in joining membership organisations