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Volume 1 - No. 3 -  2013


The Last Word

In lieu of an editorial


If You Are Reading This . . .

. . .  then we have not lost you!

So far, alas, we have had no written feedback.  I know what they say about "no news . . ." but I am sufficiently insecure to enjoy the occasional positive stroke in a form that can be immodestly repeated to others.

On the other hand, if I may permit myself another hackneyed clich  (oh dear, that must surely be a tautology!)."the proof of the pudding . . . ", and the third issue of our journal in its somewhat re-vamped form, sees the return of some old "lags" with new contributions, some new names with even newer contributions, and an ever more satisfying book review section.



There have now been five issues of Potential Unleashed.   It has settled into a format that we hope will please all its subscribers and is certainly a cause of delight to its publisher.

Basically it is intended not so much as an "adjunct" to New Nurturing Potential, but rather a form of Weblog for NNP's editor.  However, since it appears in the intermediate months between issues of New Nurturing Potential, it provides the opportunity to keep readers informed of

(a) Editor Joe Sinclair's activities

(b) Blog space availability to any subscriber wishing to avail themselves of it.

(c) What is happening on the New Nurturing Potential front

(d) What we may be looking for by way of articles, illustrations or book reviews for NNP.

This issue of NNP having come out in September 2013, the next issue of Potential Unleashed will therefore be before the end of October 2013.

The last issue of Potential Unleashed may be seen HERE

Furthermore space in PU is offered freely to all our subscribers and contributors to use for non-commercial advertisements of activities they consider will be of interest to readers.   Friends of NNP are already using the left-hand Blog column for their own blog announcements, and the bottom of the right-hand column is available for news of activities and forthcoming events.  We hope this will prove a very useful feature to all of  you.



Our delight at the response we continue to get from contributors to our book reviews is matched  by the reaction of the publishers who continue to provide their lists, seeking reviews from our "prized" reviewers.  And the numbers of those publishers continues to expand.

Unlike the situation that pertained when Nurturing Potential was published in paper form, New Nurturing Potential,  as with the later issues of its predecessor, being published only online is subject to no space restrictions and accordingly welcomes applications from further reviewers.

We will continue to provide lists of available titles to our subscribers, i.e. those readers who  have agreed to be included on the database, and we hope you will all persevere with your enthusiasm for the book lists of publishers such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Wiley-Blackwell, Routledge, Crown House, Sage Publishing, Jessica Kingsley and others.

As previously, any books received for review that have not made it into the current issue of New Nurturing Potential will be reviewed in full (or in abbreviated form) in Potential Unleashed and the full reviews will  appear in the subsequent issue of New Nurturing Potential.  This makes good sense for the publishers - as well as the reviewers who are rightly proud of their work - as the two publications only share a partial readership: New Nurturing Potential has a greatly expanded list of subscribers than Potential Unleashed.



New Nurturing Potential 03 will re-appear in December 2013.  It will feature the conclusion of the main theme of Teamwork.

Amongst articles that have been commissioned or promised are

In the Education Section

Reinforcement Theory - using "positive reinforcements," to maintain discipline in schools and strategies to deal with bad behaviour.

In the Arts Section

Social Networking - what are the pros and cons of social networking?  Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn . . . there are a multitude of options for people who want to get together with other people.  But to what purpose?  What does it provide - and to whom - that is not available elsewhere?  What are the risks?  What are the potential rewards?


Warm regards to all of you,

Joe Sinclair

Managing Editor