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Volume 1 - No. 3 -  2013



"No matter how genuine a relationship may be, there will always be stresses and storms" - Clark Moustakas



The Interpersonal Relaionship - by Carl R. Rogers

Continuing our reproduction of excerpts from the works of Carl Rogers, thanks to the free resources made available by the Centre for Studies of the Person at La Jolla, Califorfnia, we hope this choice will meet with the approval of our readers.

Of these excerpts, Rogers has remarked  . . .   "I have asked myself how individuals sharply different in personality, orientation and procedure can all be effective in a helping relationship, can each be successful in facilitating constructive change or development, I have concluded that it is because they bring to the helping relationship certain attitudinal ingredients. It is these that I hypothesize as making for effectiveness, whether we are speaking of a guidance counselor, a clinical psychologist, or a psychiatrist."