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Volume 1 - No. 3 -  2013



Always be a poet, even in prose. - Charles Baudelaire


We normally try to find poetry that reflects one of the major themes of each issue.

For the Autumn issue of 2013 we have chosen Dependency.  Although this represents quite a stretch from the Dependency Theory of our articles, we hope it has produced some pages of verse that will please our readers. 

The 2 poems are from separate ends of the historical, geographical, and chronological spectra.  Sassoon's. of course, was written shortly after the 1914-18 War; Saurav Karki, a 19-year old from Kathmandu, has contributed a piece of verse very much of the 21st century.

In Me, Past, Present, Future Meet - by Siegfried Sassoon


The Dependency - by Saurav Karki