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Volume 1 - No.4 -  2013



Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand.



What's (Still) Killing Higher Education?

"Keeping kids from instant messaging, then text messaging or using their phones in class is a big issue, as is how to minimize plagiarism from the Internet. These defensive measures are based on the idea that unbound use of these communication and information technologies is bad, that it keeps students from learning what they must, and hurts their ability to later succeed as adults. But does it?"

Steve Talbott, Editor of Netfuture, a valued contributor to these pages, here examines the conclusions of Robert Cringely, who writes the "pulpit" column for


Are Computers Killing Creativity?

We provide a "Team effort" with material collated from several UK daily newspapers, some observations from the Baroness Susan Greenfield, and input from the American Alliance for Childhood.

How and why are our children at risk?  Can anything be done to improve the current situation?  Who needs to take responsibility?