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Volume 1 - No. 4 -  2013


The Last Word


We hope you have enjoyed reading this issue.

The "in lieu of an editorial" statement has been removed from the top of this section and placed in the new "The First Word" section where it more logically belongs.

If you chanced to skip it - by error or design - you can click on the link above and repair the omission!

This issue contains material from some old hands, as well as a couple of new ones, the end of our three-part Teamwork feature and the beginning of a three-part feature on Social Networking.

We are delighted to renew our association with Ruth Carneson in South Africa, details of whose artwork are contained in the Arts section of this issue as well as the announcement that she will continue to advise us on our artwork.

Please let us know what you would like to see in future issues.



There have now been seven issues of Potential Unleashed.   Despite the hopes we "nurtured" and expressed in our last issue, we have found it impossible to maintain a reasonable quantity of material every month, if only because of the great increase in books for review.

We have therefore increased the size of the monthly book review section in Potential Unleashed so as to avoid holding too many books over for the quarterly Nurturing Potential.  We are, however, repeating all of them in the quarterly magazine in addition to the new reviews specifically written for that magazine.

We will continue to offer the pages of Potential Unleashed to any of our friends who wish to use the "blog" section or provide announcements of their activities in the Team News section.

This issue of NNP having come out in December 2013, the next issue of Potential Unleashed will therefore be before the end of October 2013.

The last issue of Potential Unleashed may be seen HERE



We have already referred to this above, but are repeating the following two paragraphs that appeared in the Autumn issue of New Nurturing Potential.

We will continue to provide lists of available titles to our subscribers, i.e. those readers who  have agreed to be included on the database, and we hope you will all persevere with your enthusiasm for the book lists of publishers such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Wiley-Blackwell, Routledge, Crown House, Sage Publishing, Jessica Kingsley and others.

As previously, any books received for review that have not made it into the current issue of New Nurturing Potential will be reviewed in full (or in abbreviated form) in Potential Unleashed and the full reviews will  appear in the subsequent issue of New Nurturing Potential.  This makes good sense for the publishers - as well as the reviewers who are rightly proud of their work - as the two publications only share a partial readership: New Nurturing Potential has a greatly expanded list of subscribers than Potential Unleashed.



New Nurturing Potential 05 will appear in March 2014.  It will feature Part II of the main theme of Social Networking.


Warm regards to all of you,

Joe Sinclair

Managing Editor