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Volume 2 - No. 2 -  2014


The First Word

In lieu of an editorial


A First for Nurturing Potential

We have included a book review in this issue from Kate Norton of Bromley, Kent. (Click here). Kate is 12 years old.

This makes her, by a good many years, the youngest contributor to have graced our pages. 

And before anyone thinks of accusing our Editorial Board or editorial policy of any politically incorrect behaviour in the form of ageism, let me hasten to state that we have always welcomed contributions of any kind, on any subject, from contributors of any age, race, religion, nationality, height, weight, width and girth!

But we can only publish material as it is offered to us, or as we may discover it elsewhere and convince, cajole or coerce its copyright owner to share it with us.  In this case we are indebted to our Arts Editor, Caroline Jenner, for having recognised the talent of one of her students, and then conceiving of the idea of having her produce a review - as a sort of extra-curricular activity.

We hope this may encourage other contributions from "minority groups", regardless of age, weight, height, girth or any other consideration.

We also wish to acknowledge the input of several new contributors as well as the return - albeit in "brief" form - of two old friends.  The latter, providing two brief book reviews, are Penelope Waite who was an occasional correspondent on educational subjects many years ago, and Stephen Bray who was one of the original editorial board members of Nurturing Potential and whose contributions continue to be sorely missed.

And a grateful nod in the direction of Dr Sarah Dixon and Patrick Zuluaga who have graciously consented to our use of their previously published material in the Business section of this issue.  We are sure this will not be the last we see of them!


Joe Sinclair

Managing Editor

Have a good summer