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Volume 2 - No. 3  2014


The Arts

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see" - Edgar Degas


Artonline by Ruth Carneson

[Comment by Nurturing Potential's Managing Editor Joe Sinclair]

While on holiday in South Africa early in 2014, I paid a visit to Ruth Carneson at her studio in Muizenberg. She asked me to have a look at some paintings she had "unearthed" when reconstructing her studio.

It was a very comprehensive and diverse collection, some of which I found quite surprising.  I had been an admirer of Ruth's art for at least twenty years and possessed a number of her paintings, none of which were in the style of much of the work she showed me.  "Why have I not seen these before?" I asked, and she replied that the existence of many of them she had completely forgotten.

"What do you intend doing with them?"

She pondered my question and said she would have to think about it.  There was no way, alas, I could offer a personal solution.  Half of my Carneson collection was already consigned to storage in my garage, having recently downsized my own accommodation.

Well, evidently, her pondering proved positive.  The results were announced on Facebook a few months later - the Artonline initiative.

Read all about it!