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Volume 2 - No 3 -  2014



Try not to have a good time; this is supposed to be educational - Charles M. Schulz


The Fundamental Deceit of Technology

This is a bit of impertinence on our part.  The article by Steve Talbott is not primarily about education. 

True, Steve normally contributes to our Education section, and the article was discovered amongst his predominantly educational articles, but we liked it so much that we had to find a spot for it.  And anything from which we learn is educational, is it not?

Furthermore computer technology is so much a part of our educational system these days that an article on the subject that was first published twenty years ago is possibly even more significant today, than it was back then.

So that's enough of an apology.

We remain grateful to Steve Talbott for his permission to reproduce any of the articles from his Netfuture website.  This is apparently the very first article published on that site.

We asked Steve if he wished to change anything he had written all those years ago and if he still held the views he had expressed then.  He responded that, if anything, subsequent events had fully supported his position at that time.

His response and some further comments that he kindly made are provided at the foot of the article itself.