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Volume 2 - No. 3 -  2014


The First Word

In lieu of an editorial


Our Front Cover - Introducing a personal note.


We have chosen, as an illustration for our front cover, a picture of the Editor's daughter Emily and grand-daughter Katie, for several appropriate reasons.

First, of course, it does illustrate very effectively and - we think - delightfully, the concept of maternal attachment, and is thus appropriate to the subject of our Main Theme.

Secondly, Katie was four years old on September 8, 2014.  An auspicious date.  It was during that series of dreadful earthquakes that shook Christchurch, New Zealand in 2000, that Katie arrived,, being one of the (if not the first) babies born at that time. She was delivered prematurely as a consequence of an aftershock.  We called it a "birthquake".

Thirdly, and somewhat less importantly, the date was also my own birthday, albeit some 81 years earlier.

And finally it is to invite your good wishes, your hopes, and - if your belief system supports the efficacy of prayers - these too, please, for my daughter Emily's full recovery with the current course of chemotherapy she is undergoing for her non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.


This Issue

We are really pleased by the presence of several new contributors to this issue and the return, after a considerable absence, of two old friends.  It is also a pleasant happenstance that our Main Theme should coincide with both two book reviews that were available entirely by chance, as well as a poem on the same subject by a poet new to our columns.


Another Personal Insertion

I have recently published a book of verse entitled Uncultured Pearls.  Normally I would not use this column for the purposes of advertising, for myself or anyone else.  However, as the result of a muddle with earlier publications, the ISBN number that was allocated to the book is a duplication of another title.  Consequently the book is not being marketed by Amazon UK until a second printing can be arranged with an amended ISBN barcode.

In the meantime the book remains available via, having had a separate publication in the United States with the ISBN 978150049723.  In the UK, I am still happy to provide copies at 4.00 each inclusive of postage until such time as my stocks are disposed of, and I can then reproduce the bar code appropriately for purposes. Just send  your name and address to Nurturing Potential's email or land mail contact address, and a copy will wing its way to you accompanied by an invoice.

Joe Sinclair

Managing Editor

Have a good AUTUMN