Who?  Where?  What?

“Old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones” was the way pianist Semprini introduced his regular, and very popular, radio programmes devoted to light, popular music in the days before most of our readers were born.  A fitting preamble you may think to this relaunched version of Nurturing Potential.

So here, in alphabetical order, we present biographical, geographical and professional information about contributors: past and present, departed and returned, with the occasional digression to avoid neglecting anyone.


       Stephen is currently writing a series of three books on the relationship between photography and other disciplines. The first, 'Photography and Psychoanalysis' is due to be published in May 2013, with 'Photography and Zen Buddhism' following later this year. 'Photography and Kabbalah' is scheduled for 2014.



     Irem Bray holds a MSc in Family Therapy from London University's Institute of Psychiatry. A qualified psychologist she has a busy on-line practice with clients in four continents.

You can read her full story here:



     I am currently working as a Primary Mental Health Worker in South Devon and living very happily in Exeter.  I have a developing interest in working systemically and the focus of my work is with children and families.  I run a successful course for parents on Managing Challenging Behaviour.



       I have been a sufferer from Multiple Sclerosis since I was 14 years old, but have lived and worked from the Arctic to the Equator, originally as a horticulturist, (UEI, CDH, RHS) raised a family, had 4 husbands, 3 children including an autistic son, a near-death experience, seen ghosts, met con-men, been deserted, told fortunes, sung in clubs and appeared on Radio and TV, written prize-winning books and poetry, sailed thousands of miles fund-raising, learned several languages including French, Swedish, Finnish and Chichewa, obtained a BA Hons in Psychology and an MSc in Social Science Research and maintained a free self-esteem counselling web site - now defunct.

My MSc dissertation was on alternative sexuality, an ethnography researched as a participant-observer for 10 years in my 50s-60s.

At almost 70 years old, I have now moved to Catalonia in Spain where I am currently resident, learning 2 new languages, Spanish and Catalan, and can live frugally but comfortably on my state pension, supplemented by the organic fruit and vegetables I grow on my riverside smallholding. I still have health problems, arthritis, hypertension, pain, fatigue and visual and mobility difficulties due to the MS, but I practise alternative health remedies, herbs, meditation, visualisation and positive thinking and I am happy, busy and constantly say a heart-felt thank you to whatever powers there be.

I derived a great deal of pleasure contributing to the original Nurturing Potential, not only articles on health-related issues, but book reviews and, even, I seem to recall, some verse.

I regard the New Nurturing Potential as a wonderful opportunity to bring my new-found Spanish experiences to bear in other areas and am delighted to be associated with the magazine in the position of Editor – Ecology and the Environment.



      I am now a Visiting Professor at Middlesex University, Academic Dean of an MSc, a forensic psychotherapist launching a new non-profit business targeted at violent offenders in prison, I project manage a growing initiative to teach TA to kids and parents worldwide, etc., etc.



      Having cooperated with Joe Sinclair in publishing the Nurturing Potential magazine and subsequent e-zine in 2002 and serving as Assistant Editor for its several years of active existence, Michael has agreed to take on the same role in the new version of this highly respected journal.


He shares with Managing Editor Joe Sinclair a background that encompasses NLP, TA, Groupwork and Co-counselling, but has gone much further in embracing such models as EFT, the Enneagram, Hypnotherapy, Clean Language and Reversal Theory.

His main activity in recent times has been the development of his concept of Crafty Listening  [Crafty: Curious Responsive Assertive Focused Thoughtful Yes! ]


Michael is an Honorary Fellow of The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. He is an inspirational speaker, trainer, mediator, counsellor, life coach and supervisor, working with individuals, couples, families, teams, managers, teachers, in the private, voluntary and not for profit sectors!


Michael is also an expert on Adoption and Fostering, consulting to social services, designing workshops and seminars for Social Workers, adoption panels, adoptive parents and foster carers. He is proud to have been professionally involved with The Post Adoption Centre in London for over 26 years.


He is currently working with WAC Arts (formerly Interchange Training) and Mosaic training mentors to work with Primary school pupils, Secondary school students, and prisoners prior to and following their release from prison.


His new website is



      I have been doing a number of workshops around the transpersonal,    some transpersonal chapters and articles, and a number of book reviews which have appeared in the magazine of the ACPNL.



       Throughout my life, were I to be asked how I am, I would invariably reply “Fine”.  And, in fact, I probably believed that I enjoyed rude good health.  Now, thinking back, I’m quite amazed at how many illnesses I’ve suffered.

But no period of ill health has been as prolonged or as distressing as that which prompted the suspension of the original version of Nurturing Potential, nor that which inhibited its (and my own) recovery.  The initial problem was a bout of Polymyalgia Rheumatica  (PMR) that persisted for more than two years.  Then – a brief hiatus – before a mini-stroke, followed some months later by a severe chest infection.

Now I no longer believe myself to enjoy rude, or even robust, good health.  I prefer to think of it as resilient.  And certainly good enough, and I feel energetic enough, to tackle this relaunch of Nurturing Potential. 

I am delighted that so many of my previous associates have rallied round and are lending their support to the new venture.  Between the PMR and the mini-stroke I had recovered sufficiently to produce and publish a miscellany of my writings (many of them previously unpublished) under the title Did I Really Say That?  Copies are still available should any reader wish to order one  At £5 exclusive of postage, they are inexpensive enough, but you can save even that modest sum if you wish to read the pdf version on line at

I have two other books “on the stocks” , one of which is almost complete, but I have decided to postpone that activity in favour of this relaunch of Nurturing Potential.  I hope you all approve.



     Laura Szmuch is a teacher of English as a foreign language and Master Practitioner and Trainer in NLP. She is a certified coach with NLP and Ontological transformational Coach. Her dissertation for her Master’s Degree in Cognitive Psychology and Learning was about Motivation. She has recently published her second book: “Las  seis inspiraciones”.  [The six inspirations]

Laura lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.