Nurturing Potential

The periodical devoted to awakening the talent within us in the areas of education, personal growth, health, relationships, business and others.

Volume 1, Issue 1 - Summer 2002

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“Given a choice between changing and proving that it is not necessary, 

most people get busy with the proof” - J.K.Galbraith

Mission Statement

Editorial - Who are we?

The editorial sets out our aims and objectives and introduces you to the editor, Joe Sinclair, and sub-editor, Michael Mallows.


What is EFT - by Joe Sinclair

A brief introduction to our major theme topic, intended to whet your appetite for the exhilarating articles that follow.

2 case studies in EFT - by Diane Kendrick and Michael Carr-Jones

Two Dorset practitioners recount the story of how they were introduced to EFT and the simple yet profound effects they were able to achieve with their clients.

EFT and smoking - by Valerie Whiteley

An occupation health nurse in Western Australia achieves a remarkable success in curing a smoker of his addiction.  Reproduced from Gary Craig's website.

Belief change with EFT - by Don Blackerby PhD

A detailed description of the application of EFT to students suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.  It also introduces the Logical Levels of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and shows how these two disciplines can complement each other.

I'd built myself a prison - by Michael Mallows

EFT and other techniques used by Michael with Jay, and Jay's parents, including elements of NLP and Clean Language.


Nurturing potential throughout life - reproduced from Age Venture

You are never too old for ambition.  Here's a centenarian with more than an eye on the future.

Nurturing reading and writing potential via NLP - by Tom Maguire

A teacher of English as a second language, based in Spain, Tom discusses the use of NLP techniques and the triple aims of Goal, Sensitivity, and Flexibility.

Contemporary Shamanism - by Leo Rutherford

An application of the teachings of the ancient shamans (visionaries of the old cultures) in dealing with the issues and difficulties of contemporary life.

A question of balance - by Penny Sharland

What are the costs and benefits of devoting enormous amounts of time to working with voluntary organisations?

Teach your parents to stop nagging - by Paul Schenk PsyD

A typical Paul Schenk article written with his habitual tongue-in-cheek approach and addressing specifically how to achieve rapport with your teenage children while avoiding their criticism of "nagging".

Portrait of the author as a madwoman - by Abigail Freeman

Abigail describes how she came to write her "fictionalised" version of her descent into a personal hell of manic depression and schizo-affective disorder.  The book, The Chrysalid Years, published by ASPEN at the end of 2001 has received a great deal of critical acclaim and is currently selling well.


Book Pages - Reviews and special offers. 

Letters to the Editor

The last word - including "the shape of things to come".