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in Education, Personal Growth, Health, Relationships, Business and others 

Volume 3 - No. 2 -  2004

The Last Word




Our last issue promised further articles on this theme as well as a number of relevant book reviews and we are pleased that this has materialised to an even greater degree than we had anticipated.  The subject is by no means exhausted - except as a main theme - and you may expect further articles in forthcoming issues. 



We were a bit "thin on the ground" with health and with education articles in this issue and hope contributors, new and old, will produce material by the end of March, in good time for our end April issue.



We have been promising Bridging Cultural Differences as its Main Theme for some time and it will finally appear in our next (end April) issue.  Please let us have your articles as far in advance of publication as possible.  We would really like you to treat end March as the "deadline" for material for the next issue..


Bridging Cultural Differences  will involve Class, Religion, Ethnicity, Education - the status quo versus innovation - as applied in our personal and professional aspirations.


We are also looking for articles on The Stockholm Syndrome, that peculiar psychological transference that affects hostages and others held captive, where they gradually end up in sympathy with their captors.



Please let us have your ideas for themes for future issues.


We hope this issue has pleased you.