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Volume 3 - No. 2 -  2004




Vol. 3, No.2   Spring 2004   

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 Our illustration for this issue has been supplied by Chloe Cumming, daughter of regular Nurturing Potential contributor Rob Cumming.

She writes: "The large bearded figure is based on a saint from a Rembrandt etching, possibly St. Peter. Giants and people of intimidating proportions looming out of the earth or from beyond the horizon have become a recurring theme. These large people are never fully visible in their entirety, and that is significant. Their origin is not available to the knowledge of the others in the picture. The non- gender-specific guitar player is the main focus, or the most human, empathetic figure here. The leopard is an interested bystander.  "

Chloe's website will be found at where the picture illustrated here - and others! - is available for sale.

You can also find out more about Chloe and her work by clicking here.





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