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Volume 3 - No. 3 -  2004

The Last Word




We are saddened that two of our long-time editorial board members have had to announce that they will no longer be available for regular support and material.  


Amanda Knight has been with us almost since the inception of Nurturing Potential.  At one time, indeed, she occupied the Assistant Editor position, but (writing on the wall?) had to exchange that role for that of Contributing Editor when pressure of business activity made it difficult for her to devote sufficient time to the task.


Now her commitments to her job and domestic responsibilities has obliged her to relinquish that position also.  We are very grateful for the time and effort she put into her work for Nurturing Potential and wish her every future success.


Elizabeth Winder has occupied the Contributing Editor position for Mental Health matters for the past two years and, in her case also, it is the pressure of outside commitments that have caused her to ask to be excused from her editorial board functions.  She will, however, continue to provide us with articles and book reviews from time to time, as she is able, and we look forward to a long and enjoyable relationship.



The departure of two editorial board members means that we have two vacancies to fill.  Ideally they would cover the same categories of Corporate Affairs and Mental Health and preferably be of the female gender in order to maintain the gender balance (although this is not an issue!).  Anyone who feels they have something to offer and would be willing to devote the small amount of time required, please contact the editor and let's discuss it.



Once again we are splitting the main theme between two issues of the electronic edition.  The next issue - due out end June - will feature Cultural Differences in Politics, Cultural Differences - Gender Issues, and Bridging Cultural Differences as well as the long-promised Stockholm Syndrome.   Please let us have your contributions by way of original articles (to appear in our next paper edition) and leads to other sources where permission to reproduce may be obtained.  Latest date for receipt of material is June 15, 2004.


We hope this issue has pleased you.