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Volume 3 - No. 3 -  2004



Vol. 3, No.3   Spring 2004   

 Farewell to 2 team members. See Last Word section

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 Handbag by glassblowing artist Tina Tylen.

Born and bred in Sweden, Tina has had a mainly expatriate life since 1981, first in West Africa and subsequently in England.

Her work for the past 10 years has explored personal issues around sexuality, human relationships and the humour and beauty that she sees in these, as well as  the natural environment, in particular rocks, mountains and flowers. More recently she has been exploring body language and the luggage we carry with us in life.

These ideas have mainly been expanded through the medium of glass, because of the qualities of sensuality, depth and flow  that glass possesses for her.   Since graduating in 1997 she has been working as a glassblower in London.

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