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Volume 3 - No. 4 - 2004

Health and Fitness

"Life is not to live, but to be well." - Martial

Ventoux - by John Ewing

One year ago we published an article by John Ewing on his participation in an Audax (an audacious bike ride) of 200 km.

We had wanted to put it in the Third Age section of Nurturing Potential, but John was adamant.  "I'm not yet ready to be classed as a senior citizen.  I'm still in my mid-fifties."  So we put his article in the Health and Fitness section.

Well, the mid-fifties are receding, but John's energy and enthusiasm remain undiminished and in this latest offering his trip was not only longer and more arduous, but much more audacious, and is described with his usual mixture of humour, observation and gentle self-deprecation.

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