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Main Theme

The fact that I have no remedy for the sorrows of the world is no reason

for my accepting yours.  It simply supports the strong possibility

that yours is a fake.  -  H. L. Mencken

   Notions, Potions and Nostrums

   Circles of Confusion - by Stephen Bray

   Rub it Better - by Joe Sinclair

   Spirit Release - by Alan Sanderson and Deena O'Brien

   The Sceptic's Response


Brief Therapy

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also 

a matter of opportunity - Hippocrates

   Brief Therapy - by Joe Sinclair

    Strategic Therapy Mr Bond? - by Stephen Bray

   Solution Focus - by Rob Cumming



"My aunt died of influenza, so they said.  But it's my belief

they done the old woman in." -  Eliza Doolittle in George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion

   Is you is - or is you ain't - by Stephen Bray

   Faulty Assumptions - by Paul Schenk



“If you are truly serious about preparing your child for the future, 
don't teach him to subtract, teach him to deduct.”  Fran Lebowitz 

   Try Something New (Part II) - by Donna Brandes

    Curriculum Development - by Mark Edwards



“Doctors put drugs of which they know little, into bodies of which they 
know less, for diseases of which they know nothing at all.”  Voltaire 

     Self-Help Groups and Strategies



“My first rule of consumerism is never to buy anything 
you can't make your children carry.”  Bill Bryson 

    Nurturing our Business Potential - by Terry Goodwin



"For more than 40 years I have been speaking prose

without knowing it" - Molière's Bourgeois Gentilhomme

    Language - the Two-Edged Sword





I read part of it all the way through  -  Sam Goldwyn 

   Book Reviews

   Book and Tape Offers


Letters to the Editor


The Last Word