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Volume 2 - No. 3 -  2003


Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also 

a matter of opportunity - Hippocrates


Unravelling the Bonds Of Shame - by Elian Aysoy

The therapists goal is to notice, support and appreciate the clients shame linked need. This interaction is very delicate because, as the client gets close to this need, he or she will inevitably experience shame.    

Elian Aysoy, a Gestalt Practitioner living and working in Istanbul, Turkey, explores the origins of shame, and how we may free ourselves of its debilitating effect.  


Change your home and change your life - by Vivi Benreytan

Subtitled Using the home as an agent of change, this has been developed from Vivi's master's thesis.

She discovered in discussing Feng Shui aspects of her clients' homes that this frequently evoked feelings and emotions distinct from the specific aspect of the home being discussed. The article describes how this led her to develop her practice by integrating various models of psychology into the work.  


I'm right here, grandma! - by Paul W. Schenk

"When I encounter a significant loss . . . I pose a question that may seem odd to many."  As a psychologist, Paul Schenk has encountered many first-hand stories of people who have had contact with deceased relatives.  This is one of the way he deals with them.


All Personality Tests Are Wrong - by John Rowan

The most dangerous use [of personality tests] is that they can be employed in selection and development.  Yet the only possible basis for using a personality test is that the person being tested has just one personality.  Research shows, however, that people actually have a number of subpersonalities; which one comes to the fore depends upon the situation.  The person who takes the test may not be the same person who operates at the place of work.


Brief Therapy and Solution-Focused Thinking - by Michael Mallows

The point, for me, is not the arrival, not even the destination, but the journey. Each living, breathing moment we are already there because here is where its at. Here is there and now is all the time in the world. I strive, and occasionally get a glimpse, a taste, a hint of what it might be like. I see my own potential reflected in other people, and echo them with my own commitment to a belief in who we really are and what we might become.