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Volume 1 - No. 3 -  2013



"Lobbyists are the touts of protected industries"  - Winston Churchill


Dependency Theory Reconsidered - by Terry Goodwin

"There are two words guaranteed to get you escorted out of most development agencies, or sidelined in current development debates" suggests a Guardian leader of 1 March 2012  "they are: 'dependency theory'.

In the 1970s, it continues,  ". . . dependency theory was considered one of the most convincing critiques of dominant economic development strategies. Now, it is shunned by academics and practitioners . . ."

"I don't agree," says Terry Goodwin.  He argues that this may have been the case some years ago, but, as so regularly happens, the wheel makes another turn, conditions change, and the unpopular develops a new sense of popularity.

Time for a re-examination and a re-evaluation, he suggests.